Стоматологія Dentist на Подолі КП "Лікар Айболіт"

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"Dentist on Podol" was founded appeared in Kiev more than 10 years ago as "Cabot on Podol". Its name is originated from the name of the clinic which invested state-of-the-art equipment and materials in Ukraine

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Dreams come true with the clinic Dentist Podol!

We are all afraid from childhood to old age to go to the dentist. Overcome this fear can only toothache. And each of us always dreams to treat our teeth in such a way as not only to not feel pain, but also not to experience any unpleasant sensations.

In our clinic, such dreams come true! Based on the latest methods we use dental treatment in a dream. To do this, use modern drugs that have a beneficial effect on the nervous system, resulting in a deep sleep.

While the child or the adult patient is asleep, the entire volume of treatment and even the extraction of the teeth is carried out. And all this is “about a miracle” in one visit.

After a slight awakening, the patient does not experience any discomfort.

Drug sleep for patients of any age is a solution to many complex problems for patients and doctors.
All problems of the contactless patient go away during treatment in a dream.

Our dental clinic "Doctor Aibolit" has passed a number of strict licensing procedures in order to qualify for such treatment. This treatment method allows you to:
• Treat teeth without pain.
• Remove the necessary number of teeth in one session
• Remove all emotional stress and fears of visiting the dentist
• The patient is in a state of complete relaxation and tranquility.

Such procedures are harmless, they can be carried out repeatedly.

You can be served through our permanent partners - the insurance companies - "Sos Service Ukraine", "Ukraine Insurance Group", "UNIQA", "Ingo", "KRAYINA", "Alfa", "АСКА", "RBK Centrer", "Illichivska", "Tas Insurance", "Universalna", "EIA", "Smart ISP". Cooperation with any other insurance company is possible.

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