Прямые телефоны:
(044) 425-02-54
(044) 425-02-22
(044) 425-44-40 (телефон/факс)

Мобильные операторы:

Работаем без выходных:
Пн. - Сб. - с 9.00 до 20.00
Вс. - с 9.00 до 15.00

Наш адрес:

г. Киев,

ул. П. Сагайдачного, 16-Б

10%                10%                5%
Patients who were treated
in our clinic before 2000

Mothers having more than 3 children,
pregnant women

Family members of patients
Veterans of the Great Patriotic War,
invalids of 1 and 2 groups.

Oxide-metal material prosthesis
from 10 units and more

In addition, in our clinic we grant discounts to those who visit us on holidays: New Year, Victory Day, Independence Day of Ukraine, Constitution Day of Ukraine, -5%.

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