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Prices for treatment in the dental clinic "DENTIST ON THE SUBDLE" KP „DOCTOR AIBOLIT”

( UAH)

Therapeutic diagnostics (examination, treatment plan, dental formula) 200.00
Consultation with the treatment plan (inspection of the oral cavity using the intraoral camera, drawing up a treatment plan, costing)

Application 100
Infiltration 180
Conductor 200
additional carpool 120
drug sleep
from 3610
Treatment of caries:
Removal of a seal, removal of a seal from an amalgam 150
Dissection and formation of the cavity, medical treatment of the cavity:
- at superficial, average caries 150
- with deep caries 170
Gingival retraction 100
Medical gasket 170
Adhesive insulating gasket 150
Insulating photo polymer gasket 200
Medical insulating gasket with glass 300

Chemical hardening seal:
Chemical seal hardening in case of surface and medium caries 500
Chemical seal hardening pasta with deep caries 700
Partial restoration 900
Full restoration 1200

Seal with photopolymer material "Filtek / Gradia"
Restoration of the defect of one tooth surface

Correction of photopolymer restoration, defect of the seal (1 unit.) 500
1 category 700-900
2 category 1200
3 category 1500
Partial restoration 2000
Full restoration 2500-3000

Restoration of a tooth in one visit by adhesive systems with the material "gradia":
1 category 2000
2 category 2200
3 category 2500

Restoration of a tooth in one visit by adhesive systems with the "Filtek" material:
1 category 2500
2 category 2900
Double adhesive bridge on fiberglass tape
Double adhesive bridge on fiberglass girder 4,000

Glass seal:
when using Vitremera, Fuji 800-950
temporary filling glass 500
indoneponytic tooth restoration 600
restoration of the tooth stump under the crown when using Vitmer 1250-1500
Grinding, polishing fillings, restorations 100
Sealing fiesur 450
The imposition of cofferdam and isolation of the working field - simple 200
The imposition of cofferdam and isolation of the working field - difficult 300

Treatment of pulpitis and periodontitis:
Removal of a seal, removal of a seal from an amalgam 150
Disclosure and formation of a tooth cavity 180
Overlay Devitalizing Paste 150
Creation of outflow through the root canal 250
Single canal tooth
Extraction of pulp from the canal of the tooth 120
Chemical expansion of the channel 125
Machining of the difficult passage500
Mechanical processing channel using step-back technology, using hand tools 400
Mechanical processing of the channel using crown-down technology with the use of machine tools 350
Medical processing of the channel and turunda in to / to 120
Tooth canal filling with forend 160
Tooth canal filling with Eugenol-based composites 200
Canal filling with a guttaperch pin 200
Temporary sealing of channel 1 or turunda to / to 180
1 channel treatment with depophoresis method 450
Unseal 1 sealed channel :
- foredent, phosphate, glass 400-500
- eugenol, composite + gutapercha 500-650
Removing a foreign body from channel 1 550
Radiography 200
Temporary filling Dentin paste 90
Close perforations of the root canal or tooth 550

Treatment of periodontitis / periodontal disease /:
Electrocoagulation of pulp, papillae, granulation tissue 350-450
Professional dental hygiene / 1 unit / 75
Removal of dental deposits from one jaw with an ultrasound machine
- 1 class 400-500
- 2 class 600-700
Removal of dental deposits Airflow (2 jaws)800
Removal of dental deposits is complex (ultrasound + air flow)1500-2000
Plasmolifting (prevention of gum disease-1 procedure)800
Grinding, polishing the surface of the teeth after removing dental plaque 1 jaw 175
Manual removal of dental deposits with Gracey curettes (upper and lower jaws) 3200
Alfogil in the gingival sinus 150
Treatment of tooth sensitivity / single tooth /:
- fluorinated varnishes 200
- sealant 250
- sealing liquid 300
Teeth splinting using fiber reinforcement and composite materials / 1 unit / 900-1200
Bleaching of one tooth (1 session):
- chemical surface 400
- chemical endodontic 500

Consultation of the periodontist with the preparation and appointment of a treatment plan. Filling in specialized documentation
Sample and Index Definition 300
Training and control of oral hygiene 200
Taking the contents of periodontal pockets for microbiological research (the cost of laboratory research is individual)
Elimination of traumatic occlusion by selective grinding (in the area of ​​6 teeth) 450
Elimination of local irritants (edges of fillings, crowns, etc.) - 1 unit.

Treatment of periodontitis:
a) anti-inflammatory remedial course (clinical procedures) 6000
b) preventive course 4500

Closed curettage of periodontal pocket (in the area of ​​2 teeth) 700
Open curettage of periodontal pockets (in the area of ​​2 teeth) 2500
Drug treatment of periodontal pockets, oral mucosa (irrigation, instillation) 250
Drug injection 270

Periodontal dressing in the area up to 6 teeth:
- soft (curative) 250
fixing 350
hardening 400
medical bandage "Diple" 250
Translation services:
- by phone 400
-on call According to the price list of the company

Movable teeth (2-3st.mobility) 500
Level 1 difficulty 700
2nd level of difficulty 900
3rd level of difficulty 1200
4th level of difficulty 1500-1800

Filling the defect with osteoplastic material (1 unit) according to the purchase price list
Electrocoagulation of the pulp , papillae, granulation tissue 450
lengthening of the dental crown 550
abscess drainage 650
hood removal 700
Curettage of the extracted tooth 200
Alvodzhil, iodoform turunda 150
Hemostatic sponge 1 unit.
Suturing (nylon, catgut) 300
Stitching 120
Drainage installation 120
Prices for prosthetics services:
Orthopedic diagnosis 250
Plastic crown removal / 1 unit / 200
Removal of metal stamped crowns / 1 unit / 150
Removing the cast and metal ceramic crowns / 1 unit / 250
Removing the stump tab 350
Snit imprint alginate mass (including control) 180
Silicone paste impression 250
Removal of the impression and casting of the diagnostic model / alginate mass / 500
Cast a diagnostic model of gypsum 350
Fixation of central heating and bite height 375
Individual impression tray 700
Anchor pin 250
Fiberglass pin 350
Stump cast:
- cobalt-chromic 1200
- cobalt-chromic (collapsible) 1500
Temporary plastic crown (acryloxide) 1200
Metal crowns:
Solid metal crown / 1 unit / 2000
Metal crown with attachment 2200
Crown / Abatment Milling 900
Facet 1200

Aesthetic crowns:
Plastic crown 1500
Metaloplastmas crown / metal composite (1 unit) 2700
Metal ceramic crown (І unit) 1st category 3000
Metal ceramic crown (І unit) 2nd category 3500
Metal ceramic crown (І unit) 3rd category 4000-4500
All-ceramic crown (1 unit) cerconium 7000
Ceramic veneer (1 unit) pressed ceramic crown 6500
Crown on metal-ceramic implant 3700
Temporary fixation of the crown 150
Pin locking 150
Cementing stump tab 250
Permanent fixation 450
Fixing all-ceramic crowns 500
Fixing ceramic veneer 350

Removable dentures:
Microprosthesis (on - 2 teeth):
- "butterfly" 5000

- thermoplastic (Ukraine)

- nylon
Partially removable prosthesis of the 1st category:
- metal clamera 5000
- plastic claamer (for 1 clamer) 6000
Partially removable prosthesis of the 2nd category:
- thermoplastic (Ukraine) 6000
- acetal prosthesis 6500
- nylon prosthesis
Full removable denture of the 1st category (non-monomeric) 7000
Complete denture 2nd category 6000

Clasp prostheses:
Byugel with a metal base and with support-holding clamps:
- metal 9000
- plastic 10000
Byugel with metal basis on locks 11000-12000
Bugel with nylon base and with support- holding clasps nylon

Repair of the prosthesis, the addition of a tooth in the prosthesis 1350-1500
Repair of plastic crowns in the oral cavity (acryloxide) 900
Relocation of full dentures:
- solid 1500
- soft 1800
Correction and fixation of one tooth denture 1500
Repair of the prosthesis in the clinic 1200
Temporary plastic bleaching cap for bleaching - 1 unit. 1500

Children's dentistry:
Treatment of caries of primary teeth:

-application 100
-infiltration 220
Tooth preparation, cavity formation, drug treatment
- At initial, average caries 200-250
- With deep caries 250-350
Medical gasket 150
The seal "Ketak-molar", "Fuji" 450-500
Seal "Vitremer"; compomer 500-600
Caries suppression (1 unit) "Argenat" 200-250

Treatment of pulpitis, periodontitis of milk teeth:
Pulp devitalization 250
Root canal treatment for pulpitis by the amputation method in teeth with unformed roots
Root canal treatment for pulpitis in the teeth with formed roots:
mechanical and drug treatment of one channel 175
filling of one channel 250
Root canal treatment for periodontitis in teeth with unformed roots:
outflow creation 400
temporary canal filling 250
Root canal treatment for periodontitis in teeth with formed roots:
mechanical and drug treatment of one channel 200
filling of one channel 250
Baby tooth extraction:
movable teeth 300
1st degree of difficulty 400
2nd degree of difficulty 500
Frenulotomy (excision of the frenulum) 900
fluoridation (1 unit) 180
oral hygiene training 300
Professional teeth cleaning (one jaw) 400
Sealing of fissures (1 unit) 450
If the child resists treatment and the doctor fails to find contact with him for half an hour, the cost of treatment at this visit will double.

Prices for orthodontics services:
Consultation 300
Orthodontic Diagnostics 500
Apparatus correction 300
One-jaw unit with one screw 3000
The device on the upper jaw with a 3-way screw 2500
Two-jaw apparatus 3500-4800
Repair of the device is simple 400

Prices for the services of orthodontic treatment with fixed devices / bracket systems /:
Setting braces on one jaw:
sapphire 16000
ceramics 16000
Retentive positioner for sticking treatment results (cap) 1500
Setting braces on one jaw 8000
Retentive positioner fixed 1500
Trainer preorthodontic 3000
Ring cementing 200
Gluing braces 250-400
Replacing the arc (one jaw) 200-300
Replacement of ligatures (one jaw) 200
Self-ligating metal. ("IN-OVATION") 1 jaw 10800
Self-ligating ceramic ("IN-OVATION") 1 jaw 18000
Sky Blugel, Q-HELIX 2500

The cost of treatment for surgical patients
Consultation of doctors:
Examination of the oral cavity, documentation, collection of anamnesis of complex diseases (cellulitis, osteomyelitis, neoplasm, arthritis of the h / h joint, sialadenitis) of the primary patient 120-200
Surgeon's consultation 200
Implantologist consultation 200
Treatment procedures and manipulations
Drug preparation of the patient for surgery (premedication) 50-150
Surgical (implantological) large set 150
Application 100
Infiltration 180
Conductor 200
Additional carpool 120
Additional manipulations
Curettage of the extracted tooth 90-180
Drug treatment wells 220
Tamponade of the hole of the extracted tooth with a hemostatic sponge 150
Alvozhil, iodoform turunda 70
Filling bone and cystic cavities
(Kollopal, Stimul-Oss):

- diameter up to 0.5 cm 650
- diameter 0.5-1 cm 900
- diameter over 1 cm. 1300
Suturing (polyamide, nylon, catgut, vicryl) 180-300
Stitching 75-150
Dressing after suturing 80
using “diplene-Dent” film, sealing bandages 250-385

Surgical intervention
(the cost of anesthesia, ligation, consumables is additionally paid)

Tooth extraction (children)
Baby tooth extraction during physiological change 400
Baby tooth extraction for periodontitis 500
Tooth extraction (adults)
Removal of the tooth wall in case of injury 280
Removal of periodontitis tooth with mobility of 3,4th degree 350-500
Easy removal 700
Removal difficult 1 degree 900
Removal difficult 2 degree 1200
Removal difficult 3 degree + removal of 8 teeth incl. atraumatic removal 1300-1800
Atypical tooth extraction
Atypical removal 1 degree 1900-2100
Atypical removal 2 degree 2700-3000
Treatment of alveolitis (curettage, instillation) 1 visit 150-450
Resection of the mucous in case of obstructed teeth 300-450
Disclosure of odontogenic (periodontal) abscess in the oral cavity 200-350
Dental operations:
Tooth hemisection, root amputation, coronary radical separation 900
Curettage fistulous passage 420
Resection of the root apex, cystectomy + KPM according to the price list 1300-1900
Retrograde filling of the root of the tooth after resection of the top (ProRootMTA, trioxide) 1250-1350

High-tech surgical techniques
Operations on the oral mucosa:
Frenulotomy 500
Frenuloplasty 900
Lengthening of the crown part of the tooth
Lengthening of the crown part of the tooth
(surgical method)
Mucosal excision and osteotomy for subsequent orthodontic (orthopedic) treatment
(1-3 teeth)
Excision of benign neoplasm of soft tissues of the oral cavity
(papilloma, fibroma, epulis with germ zone)
Removal of the stone from the duct of the salivary gland 1600-2000
Operational plastics of soft tissues
(excluding cost of KPM and consumables)

Open curettage in the area:
-1 tooth 950
-1-3 teeth 1250
-3-6 teeth 1750
Patchwork surgery with a change in the gum phenotype, the closure of “triangular recessions” with soft tissues in the area of ​​the 1st tooth, implant 1800-2000
Transplantation of free connective tissue graft 3500
Plastic vestibule of the mouth (recess) 1200-2000
Gingivoplasty (in the area of ​​the 1st tooth) 240
Gingivoplasty (in the area of ​​6 teeth) 900
Osteoplastic operations
(excluding cost of KPM and consumables)

Bone grafting of the alveolar process in the area
1st tooth
Splitting of the bone ridge (in the area of ​​2 teeth) 4500
Sampling and transplantation of bone blocks (in the area of ​​2 teeth) - bone autotransplantation


Bone grafting by autologous bone 1600
Use of a non-resorbable membrane
(titanium mesh) in the area of ​​1 tooth
Removing a non-resorbable membrane 1500
Compactosteotomy (1-2 teeth) (osteoperforation) 950
Compactosteotomy (3-4 teeth) 1450
Surgical intervention in the area of ​​the maxillary sinus
(excluding cost of KPM and consumables)

Closing the message with the maxillary sinus 1200-1800
Operation: Raising the bottom of the maxillary sinus
Micro sine lift 4,000
Sinus lifting (increase in volume of alveolar bone)
- closed
Sinus lifting (increase in volume of alveolar bone)
- open
Gentle maxillary sinus 2500
Dental implantation
(excluding the cost of implants and consumables)

Step 1: Implant Installation Operation (excluding consumables) 11650-14650
Stage 2: Installing the gum former 1950
Installing a temporary implant 2000
Microimplant installation 1500-2000

Translation services 400


Modern techniques:
Group work (2 people) 25
Group work (3 people and more) ten
Work individually (1 hour) 50
Work to strengthen the cerebral vessels (group) 20
Work to strengthen memory (group) ten
Oriental and ancient techniques:
Aromatherapy relaxation (individually) 50
Physiotherapy relaxation (individually) 100
Meditative methods (group) 20
Meditative techniques (individually) 50
Freudian methods:
Psychoanalysis (individually) 50
Correction of behavior at the subconscious level (individually) 50
Correction of behavior at the subconscious level (group) 20
Correction of character and elimination of bad habits at the subconscious level (individually) 70

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