Therapeutic diagnose(plan of treatment plan. dental formula) 200,00
Consultation with the plan of treatment (oral cavity examination using the intraoral chamber, preparation of the treatment plan, costing)


Local Anaesthesia:
Application 60
Infiltration 180
Conductor 200
additional carpool 90

Caries treatment:
Taking off old filling (chemical, amalgam) 150
Cavity preparation, irrigation with antiseptic:
- surfacial or middle caries 150
- deep caries 170
Retraction of the gum 90
Medical lining with calcium hydroxide 170
Insulating lining "Adhesor" 150
Insulating composite lining 180
Insulating cement lining 300

Chemical composite fillings:
Chemical composite filling - surfacial or middle caries 500
 Chemical composite filling - deep caries 700
Partly restoration 900
Full restoration 1200

Composite fillings "Filtek","Gгаdіа":
Correction of photopolymer restoration, seal defect (1 unit)500
1 category 700-900
2 category 1200
3 category 1500
Partly restoration 1800
Full restoration 2200

Restoration tooth in one visite with adhesive systems "Gгаdіа"
1 category 2000
2 category 2200
3 category 2500

Restoration tooth in one visite with adhesive systems "Filtek"
1 category2500
2 category2900
Double adhesive bridge on fiberglass tape
Double adhesive bridge on fiberglass beam4000

Cement fillings:
With "VITREMER", "FUJI" 750-900
Temporary seal glassimeter 450
Preendodontic restoration of the tooth wall 400
Restoration of the cult of the tooth when using Vitremer, Fuji IX 900-1250
Grinding, polishing of seal, restoration90
Sealing Fissure350
Cofferdam overlay and isolation of the working field:

Pulpitis and Periodontitis treatment:
Taking off old filling (chemical, amalgam) 150
Openning of pulp chamber 180
 Laying of devitalization paste 130
Evacuation of the fluid from 1 root canal 190
Single-rooted teeth
Removing of the pulp(extirpation) 120
Chemical enlarged of the root canal 125
Mechanical enlarged of root canal with" Step-back" method, hand instruments 180
Mechanical enlarged of root canal with" Crown-down" method, engine instruments 250
Irrigation of root canal with antiseptic 120
Permanent root filling with "Foredent" 150
Permanent root filling with eugenol or composite 170
Root filling with gutta-percha 150
Temporary root filling with calcium hydroxide 170
Multirooted teeth
Removing of the pulp from 1root canal (extirpation) 100
Chemical enlarged of the root canal 120
Mechanical enlarged and smoothed of 1root canal with" Step-back" method, hand instruments 190
Mechanical enlarged and smoothed of 1root canal with" Crown-down" method, engine instruments 260
Irrigation of 1root canal with antiseptic 150
Permanent filling of 1root with "Foredent" 160
Permanent filling of 1root with eugenol or composite 200
Permanent filling of 1root with gutta-percha 170
Temporary filling of 1root with calcium hydroxide 180
Treatment of 1root canal with "Depoforez" 250
Segmentation of 1 channel of sealed:
            forehand, phosphate, glass ionome300-400
            eugenol, composite + gutta percha350-450
Removing a third party body from Channel One550
X-ray film 150
Temporary filling 90
Closing perforations of root canal, or tooth350

The treatment of periodontal disease:
Electrocoagulation of pulp, papillae, granulation tissue 350-450
Professional hygiene of 1tooth 75
Scalling (remove calculus and plaque) of 1 jaw with ultra-sound sealer: 1st grade 400-500
                2st grade600-700
Grinding, polishing surfaces of teeth after removing deposits 1 jaw175
Removing calculus and plaque with Graysy`s curetts from both jaws 3200
Alvedzhil in his tooth-clear pocket150
Treatment of sensibility of the teeth with:
- fluoride varnish 200
- hermetic 250
- hermetic liquid 300
Ligation of the teeth with composite materials (1 tooth) 900-1200
Whitening of 1tooth:
- chemical surficial 400
- chemical endodontic 500
- laser 1100

Periodontology consultation with plan of treatment 350
Making a calculus probe and gingival tests 300
Training and control of hygiene of the oral cavity
Microbiological investigation of gingival pockets (in laboratory) 350
Removal of traumatic occlusion by the selective method grinding 1 side450
Elimination of local irritants (edges of seals, crowns, etc.) 1od.350

Pariodontitis treatment:
а) anti-inflammatory course (consist of 10 procedures) 6000
b) preventive course 4500

Closed curettage of gingival pockets (near 2teeth) 700
Opened curettage of gingival pockets (near 2teeth) 2500
Medical treatment of gingival pockets
Irrigation, instillation250
Injection of medicine 270

Periodontological bandage in the area up to 6 teeth:
- soft (therapeutic) 250
- fixing 350
- that hardens 400
- therapeutic band "Diplen250

Emergency aid:
 Floating teeth (2-3dg of floating) 500
1-st level of complexity 700
2-nd level of complexity 900
3-rd level of complexity 1200
4-rd level of complexity, including atypical removal, atraumatic 1500-1800
Filling the defect with bone and plastic material 1 unit later purchase price
Electrocoagulation of pulp, papillae, granulation tissue450
Clinical tooth crown extension550
Drinking the abscess650
Remove the hood700
Curettage of the wells of the removed tooth200
Alvedzhil, iodoform turunda150
Hemostatic sponge 1 unit180
Stitching (nylon, catgut)300
Removal of seams, dressing120
Installation of drainage120

Prosthetics diagnose 250
Taking off plastic crown 200
Taking off metall crown 150
Taking off metaloceramics crown250
Taking off metall lining 350
Imprints Impressions:
Alginate impression 180
Silicon paste impression 250
Alginate model 500
Model with plaster of Paris 350
The bite stage 375
The individual impression spoon 700

Shtifts (metall, glass) 250
Fiber Optic Core 350
Cast-solid residual limb:
- cobalt-chromium 1200
- cobalt-chromium (non-disposable) 1500
Temporary acrylic crown 1200
Metal crowns:
Full metal crown 2000
Metal crown with atachmen 2200
Milling of crown 900
 Fasing 1200

Aesthetic crowns:
Permanent acrylic crown 1500
Metal-acrylic crown 2700
Metaloceramics crown 1-category 3000
Metaloceramics crown 2-category 3500
Metaloceramics crown 3-category 4000
Solid ceramic crown (1 unit) in the church7000
Ceramics vinir 6500
Ceramics crown 3500

Temporarily securing of crown 150
Shaft fixations 150
Cementing of Inlay 250
Permanent securing of crown 450
Ficsation of full ceramic crown 500
Ficsation of ceramic veneer 350

Removable dentures:
Mini-dentures (on - 2 teeth):
- "butterfly" 3000
- termoplast (Ukraine) 3500
- neilon 3700
Partly removable dentures 1-category with:
- metal clamers 5000
- aesthetic clamers 6000
Partly removable dentures 2-category with:
- termoplast (Ukraine) 6000
- acetal 6500
 - neilon (Вгеаепі) 8000
Full removable dentures 1-category 7000
Full removable dentures 2-category 6000

Bugel prosthesis:
Bugel on metal base & carrying holding denture clasp:
- metal 9000
- plastic 10000
Bugel on metal base & attachments 11000-12000
Bugel on plastic base & carrying holding plastic denture clasps 10000-11000

Addition of the tooth in denture 1350-1500
Repair of acrylic crown (acryloksid) 900
Repair of full removable dentures:
- hard 1500
- soft 1800
Correction and fixation of one tooth of removable prosthesis1500
Prosthetic repair in the clinic1200
Temporary acrylic cuppa for whitening 1500

Children dentistry:
Permanent filling with "Ketac-molar":
Permanent filling with "Vitremer" 180-250
Oppression of the caries with "Saforaid" 200-275
Inhibitionкариеса of  caries "Saforaid" 65-85
Repeat oppression with "Saforaid" 40-55
Pulpitis and Periodontitis treatment of temporary teeth:
Laying of devitalization paste 55-75
Amputation of the pulp in teeth with open apex
Treatment of root canal with closed apex:
Enlarged and cleaned of the root canal 50-75
Permanent filling of 1root 55-80
Treatment of root canal with open apex:
Evacuation of the fluid from 1 root canal 70-95
Temporary filling of 1 root 45-90
Treatment of periodontitis with closed apex:
Enlarged and cleaned of the root canal 55-75
Permanent filling of 1root 50-70
Extracting of the temporary tooth:
- luxate tooth 100-120
1-stage complicated 140-150
2-stage complicated 200-245
Frenulotomia 400-450
Prevention and oral hygiene:
Covering fissures with hermetic 175-250
Fluoridation 45-70
Teaching the oral hygiene 120
Professional hygiene of teeth (1jaw) 130-155

Consultation 50
Orthodontics diagnose 500
Correction of removable appliance 80
Removable appliance with 1 screw 1200
Removable appliance with 3 screw on top jaw 1500
Removable appliance on top and down jaws 1900
Repairing of removable appliance 100

Unremovable appliance:
Bracket-system on 1 jaw with:
sapphire 6600
ceramics 6500
Retention positioner 260
Bracket-system on 1 jaw with metall 4200
Unremovable retention positioner 1080
Trainer 950
Cementing of the ring 140
Attachment of braces 120-240
Replacement of bar (one jaw) 120-150
Replacement of suture (one jaw) 100
Self-ligating metal ("IN-OVATION") 1 jaw 5500
Self-ligating ceramic ("IN-OVATION") 1 jaw 7700
Palatal clasp, Q-HELIX 800
Bar replacement with coating 200

Frenectomy 650
Frenectoplastic 720
Vestibule-plastic 1600
Elimination of the local gingival recession 820
Radical gingivotomy (1-3 teeth) 720
Radical gingivotomy (4-6 teeth) 1200
Gingivoplastic (1-3 teeth, without the cost of bone material) 3000
Gingivoplastic (4-6 teeth, without the cost of bone material) 4500
Closure of the hole (Nylon suture, catgut) 190
Closure of the hole ("Gortex" suture) (Switzerland) 250
"Diplen-Denta" tape 90
Compactesteotomy (1-2 teeth) 750
Compactesteotomy (3-4 teeth) 1450
Installing of "Ankylos" implant system (Germany) 7800
Installing of  "Mis@ @Alpha-Bio" implant system (Israel) 5500
Installing of  "U-impl" implant system (Switzerland-Ukraine) 6400
Installing of  "Antogyr" implant system (Frence) 6700
Installing of  "Biohorizont" implant system(USA) 6800
Installing of  "Absor Anchor" orthodontic microimplants  (Korea) 1200
Sinus-Lifting (without the cost of material) 5980
Bone material:
Bio-Oss 0,5 gr (Switzerland) 955
Bio-Oss Сollagen 0,5 gr (Switzerland) 955
Bio-Oss 2 gr (Switzerland) 319
Bio-Gide dissolving membrane (25х25 mm) 0,5 gr (Switzerland) 1575
Bio-Gide dissolving membrane (30х40 mm) 0,5 gr (Switzerland) 2430
Bio-Gide Perio dissolving membrane (16х22 mm) 0,5 gr (Switzerland) 1430

Translation services 400

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